15th Annual St. Padre Pio Festival!
The St. Padre Pio Festival has once again come & gone. It is at this time that we would especially like to thank all those who donated time, product & talent. Thank you to those working behind the scenes, preparing food, booths & grounds. Thank you to the workers in the kitchen scrubbing the endless amount of pots & pans. Thank you to St. Mary’s School students who took care of trash removal, setting up & manning the soda & water booth. Great job! 
Special thanks to: Bona Vita, Tedesco, Cappuccio & Flaim Farms.
A huge thanks to the farmers who donated $14,000.00 this year.
May God continue to bless you & those that you love.
Kelly and Gracie
Welcome To The Parish
Lauren Mastripolito & Eugene Furino
Gerard, Kelly, Brayden, Bryn & Bryanna Moughan
Danielle Sileo
3rd - Sheila Diniglio & Scott H. McGough
Baptisms Gardner Anthony Acocella &
Santino Manfre

Rest In Peace Mildred Ruggeri & Louise Braidi
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