Our Lady of Pompeii 
Saturday 4:15 PM  
Any time by appointment

Please contact the office at least a month before the proposed date.

We are happy to administer the Sacrament to those at home or in the hospital. Please notify the rectory when a family member is ill and/or in the hospital. In cases of shut-ins or chronic illness, please arrange with the office for a priest or minister to make regular visits.

To have a loved one listed on the prayer list in the bulletin, a request form will have to be completed or email us at The name will remain on the prayer list for eight weeks.  Request Form

The Rosary
Mondays at 7:30 PM in St. Mary's Church

Knights of Columbus
2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7:00 PM in Rosary Hall

Senior Citizen's Club 
(55 and older)
2nd Monday of each month 
11:00 AM

The St. Joseph Society
(Men's club)
3rd Tuesday of each month 
7:00 PM - Rosary Hall

The Altar Rosary Society (Women's club)
Last Wednesday of each month 
7:00 PM

Choir Rehearsal
Our Lady of Pompeii
Children: Tuesday, 6:30 PM
Adults: Tuesday, 7:30 PM 

House Of Charity  
Bishop's Annual Appeal
To date we have collected $62,382.50 (61.3%)   towards our goal of $101,819.00. 
“Encounter the Living God” 
Our Parish goal this year is the same as last year, $104,857.86. We ask that you prayerfully consider how this annual program provides solace, support and grace to thousands of your brothers and sisters in Christ and give, generously, in support of the 2017 House of Charity Bishop’s Annual Appeal. Your support also ensures the vitality of essential Diocesan ministries and programs that sustain the healing, teaching and redemptive Presence of Jesus Christ through the Diocese of Camden. Please make every effort to make a donation or pledge.
On December 9th at St. Mary’s School, we will be having our First Time Ever Christmas Festival. This one is for the kids, with Santa, bouncies, food, candy canes, puppet show and maybe a surprise or two! Our day will conclude with a Christmas Pageant with live animals, music, angels, Wisemen, shepherds and of course Baby Jesus. If you can help out in any way, please contact the rectory or Gracie Hoffner. Help us bring Christ back into Christmas.

We are in immediate need of volunteers to help with catechesis at St. Padre Pio Parish in our Religious Education Program (CCD).
There are various time commitments that can fit your schedule. 
If interested, please contact or
Please share your gift.

“Pawsitively Grateful”
The Altar Rosary Society is collecting dog and cat food, doggie treats, etc., to be distributed to the SPCA. Please bring your donations to church with you and leave them in the box in the vestibule. Thank you.

Beginning October 1st , we will be updating our prayer list for the sick. If you wish an individual to remain on the list, please notify the Parish office no later than November 1st

Good News!!
 St. Mary's School has secured bussing for 2017-18 school year for students residing in the Buena Regional School District! We will now have bussing available for students in Buena, Millville & Vineland Districts.

Technology Integration Specialist - St. Mary School, Vineland, NJ Exciting Full time position (12 months) in an innovative school. B.A. in Computer Science or Instructional Technology or M.A. in Instructional Technology required. Experience as a full time successful teacher desired. Full detailed description of position can be found on school webpage Send resume to  

Fourth Grade Teacher - St. Mary School, Vineland, NJ Full time fourth grade teacher for self-contained classroom in innovative school. Must possess NJ certification (Standard, CEAS, or CE) and be a practicing Catholic who is comfortable sharing their Catholic faith with children

We are looking for a few good men & women who can volunteer about 5 hours every Tuesday morning to help at the Soup Kitchen in Vineland from 9:30am—1:00pm . If interested, Call Pam @ Spirit & Truth Ministries for more information-at 856-265-4849.

Eye Glass Drive – If you have any eyeglasses that you are no longer using, please drop them in the box in the back of church to be given to the needy.

Prayer Requests
The Daughters of Our Lady of Mercy are holding their annual 
20-Week Raffle. Tickets are $20 each with a chance to win every Sunday for 20 weeks starting June 4th. The final grand prizes will be drawn on October 15th, 2017 at a Pasta Dinner. (Free Pasta Dinner for Ticket Holders} The Sisters will be at the church after the Masses on the weekend of May 6th,7th to sell the tickets. You may also purchase your tickets by calling 856-697-2983. We are grateful for your support.

1st Pedroni Fuel Co. $2000.00
2nd Martha Rupert $1000.00
3rd James Boldebook $500.00
4th Candy Coughlin $400.00
5th Danielle Bassetti $300.00
6th Jimmy Bassetti $200.00
7th Vi Gliot $100.00
Congratulations to the winners. Thanks for all your support and may God bless you for your generosity in making this event again a great success. 

Raffle Winners
Week 1
Sharon Kurtz $100.00
James Boldebook $ 50.00
Janet Polto $ 50.00
Theresa Seaton $ 50.00
Grace Coia $ 50.00

Week 2
Richard & Diane Grouser $100.00
Kristin Santilli $ 50.00
Cindy & Howie Saul $ 50.00
Diane Burak $ 50.00
Steve Schneider $ 50.00

Week 3 
Catholic Charities /St. Joan of Arc Church $100.00 
Brian Mulvenna $ 50.00 
Catherine Mongeluzzo $ 50.00 
Tom Cerino $ 50.00 
Joyce Massey $50.00

Week 4
Frank Ferrari $100.00
Kate Eggert $ 50.00
Raymond Palmieri $ 50.00
Jeff Rogner $ 50.00
Gloria Guidera $ 50.00

Week 5
Peter Santilli $100.00
Maria Wright $ 50.00
Mauro Chiaverini $ 50.00
Jim Fuddy $ 50.00
Samuel Coraluzzo Co., Inc. $ 50.00

Week 6
Joe & Marilyn Chinn $100.00
Rosalie Forcinito $50.00
Steelton Italian Club $50.00
Frank Giugliano $50.00
Doug Green  $50.00

Week 7
Edith Cesario $100.00
Levari Trucking $ 50.00
Geraldine Yawman $ 50.00
Karen Willey $ 50.00
Bill Crane $ 50.00 

Week 9
Daughters of Mercy $100.00
Ellen Fatcher $ 50.00
Richard & Diane Grouser $ 50.00
Dan & Cathy Pio $ 50.00 J
Jeff Hines $ 50.00

Week 10
 Karen Talarico  $100.00
JoAnn DiPrimio $ 50.00
Cooper Wiedeman $ 50.00
Daughters of Mercy $ 50.00
Jeff Bower  $ 50.00

Week 11
Jean Smith $100.00
Sofia Gabos $ 50.00
Samuel Coraluzzo Co. $ 50.00
Ralph Orr $ 50.00
Maureen Kelleher $ 50.00

Week 12
Donald Fiocchi, Sr.  $100.00
Romeo Levari $ 50.00
Joan Marandino $ 50.00 
Mary Alimenti $ 50.00 
Susan M. Blough $ 50.00

Week 13
Michael Levari, Jr. $100.00
Fr. Dominick Mammarella $ 50.00
Walter Hart $ 50.00
Jodie Gibbons $ 50.00
Constance A. Smith $ 50.00 

Week 14
Toni MacQueen $100.00
Donald DeRossi $ 50.00
Ann M. Merges $ 50.00
Mike Pontano $ 50.00
Dolores Capizola $ 50.00 

Week 15
Enis DiOrio $100.00
R & C Girls $ 50.00
Landis Bldg. Service & Recycling $ 50.00
Richard Gorgo $ 50.00
Bob Ferrari $ 50.00

Week 16
Doug Green $100.00
Donald Myers $ 50.00
Lou Coia $ 50.00
Donald DeRossi $ 50.00
Natalie Cusick $ 50.00

Week 17
Brian Mulvenna $100.00
Conny Joy Pratt $ 50.00
Toni MacQueen $ 50.00 Frank Giugliano $ 50.00
Ed Bracco $ 50.00

Week 18
Lampert Bros. Inc. $100.00
Romeo Levari $ 50.00
Thomas S. Randazzo $50.00 
Sr. Grace Marie, DM $50.00
Barbara Grosstephan $50.00

Week 19
Alexandra Feely $100.00
Michael & Cynthia Troyner $ 50.00 Nikki Wright $ 50.00
Frank Zaccari $ 50.00
Kelly Ginusko $ 50.00  

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